Saturday 30 March 2013

What a day. Thanks to all my readers!

At one point this afternoon, I got a message, all the way from Greece, announcing that my book was sitting at #72 in the Amazon 'Mystery' category, 1 place above James Herbert's 'Lair' and one below one of Lee Childs' novels.

Wow, I thought, listed with the best!

I went to look for myself and was shocked to find my book at #70, jointly, with Stieg Larrson, with 'The girl with the Dragon tattoo'.

I know it is the Amazon Kindle algorithms working, but boy, what a buzz!

The I got a review through from USA for 'Leicestershire Myth & Legend - in verse', which kindly referred to me as a 'Bard' and disappointment that I had not included more tales...

Days don't get much better than this!

Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!! (I know I shouldn't but I did!!!!!!!)

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