Friday 15 March 2013

Review - 'A Thistle in the mist' - Megan Denby

This review is from: A Thistle in the Mist (Kindle Edition)
This is a tale of Death; Love; Betrayal; Deception; Friendship; Loyalty; Faith; Determination, and Justice. 

Meara MacDonald's roller-coaster life twists and turns through a variety of events, in this absorbing read. 

A cleverly and beautifully crafted read, there is something for everyone, throughout. 

I was anxious that it might be a bit 'girly' for my usual taste, but Megan has woven mystery, intrigue and male lines throughout, and those, without wishing to give any more away, are brilliantly and accurately researched. 

Megan's choice of word, throughout, is stunning and at the same time spell-binding! A great first novel.

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