Wednesday, 13 March 2013

My first two covers...

Hey Guys; 

These are the covers for the first two of my books, out shortly. 

These are the CreateSpace (US) and Amazon KDP versions, and obviously are still lacking the full ISBN and barcodes.

I like the look of both, but then again, I am biased!

 The first, above,  is for 'Jack Ketch's Puppets'. Artwork courtesy and copyright of Simon Marchini, to whom I am incredibly grateful.

 Below is my own cover design, courtesy of CreateSpace, for 'Leicestershire Myth & Legend - in verse' and which now reflects the current upsurge in interest following the discovery of King Richard III, here in Leicester.

UK covers by Feed A Read will be slightly different in appearance owing to template requirements and sizes.


  1. They both look awesome, Phil! Once again, congrats! What an accomplishment and your name looks pretty cool in print!

  2. Thanks very much Megan. Just now anxiously awaiting the proofs. The day I submitted the final versions, I had a horrible realization that I had omitted to credit my artist on the cover, so had to go back in and open it all up again. Another lesson learned.


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