Thursday, 14 March 2013

Showcasing other Authors on my website

Hi Guys;

I have come to realise these last few weeks how many of you are scattered across the Globe.

I don't know how you go about increasing your visibility, but I would like to make an offer, and would be even happier if it was something that we could all share and reciprocate.

On my Website , I am using the Home page to showcase other talent, whether that be a fellow Author, an artist for cover work, etc.

Currently , I am showing a link to the website of Canadian Author Megan Denby, who has been very welcoming and helpful to me over these weeks.

I hope that this will expose Megan to some of my connections, particularly here in the UK.

If any of you would like to, or be happy to be featured on my website, please let me know.

Of course there is a catch. In a couple of weeks time when my first two books are released, I might well do with a bit of exposure in your neck of the woods.

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