Sunday, 24 March 2013

Well done Createspace / Amazon KDP!

I was a little concerned, when using the 'Createspace' self-publishing process, that they recommended not just relying on proof reading of my first two books 'on-screen' or as PDF files, but to buy a hardcopy proof.

'Hello' I thought, just another way to make a few quid, in the publishing grinder! Also, a further delay in getting the book out there?

But no. I stand corrected.

When my beautiful new novel arrived, I was elated.

It was only when I started to turn the pages, that I realised that there was still much work still to do.

Why it did not look such an issue 'on screen'? I do not know. Perhaps it's my mild form of dyslexia, and I see things differently?

Whatever...the outcome has been for a major edit. Lots of silly punctuation fixes, and a major decision to 'prune' radically. I could see that there was still too much 'tell' and it needed cutting back, and it was not so evident electronically.

I have now just submitted a comprehensively edited version back for Createspace approval, and I am much happier with what will go on sale, as my 'First Edition'.

Well done Createspace and Amazon. A sensible step in the proofing process, and I would recommend it to anyone who thinks their 'on screen' proofing is sound!

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