Wednesday, 27 November 2013

It's a small world - in Victorian England...

Hey guys;

I decided this year, not to do reviews of TV programmes, as I struggle to find time to write these days, let alone review.

However, I watched the latest episode of Ripper Street on Monday night, and had one of those 'strangely familiar' moments...

Part way through the episode, a banker who has been exposed as having a fondness for 'rent boys' is found shot dead at his desk, gun in hand, suicide note on the desk admitting to another murder.

Lo and behold, he has actually been murdered - the letter forcibly written under duress from his killer - before being shot and then the suicide staged.

This is so similar to the death of my character Doctor Joseph Wilson, in his lush house at The Newarkes, in Leicester, in my first novel 'Jack Ketch's Puppets'.

Should I be surprised? No - these things must have been common place - feigned suicides...child abuse...

Monday, 25 November 2013

My rendition of PC52 Samson Shepherd...

Hey guys;

I have finally finished my watercolour / pastels sketch of my main character from 'The Borough Boys' series novels...

What do you think?

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Current Amazon / Kindle at 1930hrs 20/11/13

Hey guys;

I have just been doing my monthly check of how the books of both myself and the other writers in myy group of contemporaries are doing...

There are currently 40 million books for sale on Amazon, and 1.6 million for sale on Kindle at

Jack Ketch's Puppets - 127k in all Amazon Books (Top .3%) 187k in Kindle (Top 11%)

Death Lurks in Cock Muck Hill - 963k in all Amazon Books (Top 5%) 114k in Kindle (Top 7%)

Leicestershire Myth & Legend - in verse - 1.9m in all books (Top 5%) 519k in Kindle (Top 30%)

Barricades (Anne Shilton) - 148k all Amazon Books (Top .3%) 175k in Kindle (Top 11%)

Dead Letter Day (Keri Beevis) 719k all Amazon Books (Top 2%) 134k in Kindle (Top 8%)

Thistle in the mist (Megan Denby) 1.2m in all Amazon Books (Top 5%) 89k in Kindle (Top 5%)

Blank Slate Boarding House (Chaunce Stanton) - Unlisted on all books. 397k on Kindle (Top 24%)

Shortstack (Tim Hurley) - Unlisted on all books - 681k on Kindle (Top 40%)

Guys - just need the royalties to match the figures!

I think we are doing okay at present!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

My desire to work on book #3 is warming up again...

Hey guys;

The winter is doing the writing trick for me - it was about this time last year that I sat down and wrote book #1 , 'Jack Ketch's Puppets', using those long cold days and long dark nights as a catalyst.

I am in the same mindset, and last night started to compile some figures for my cover art.

Before I started writing, I used to do quite a lot of watercolour painting and work in pastels. I have a few bits and pieces littered around the house, but most I gave to friends as gifts or when they asked who the painter was and showed a liking.

I never had the courage to display or sell any, but last night a mate suggested that I should have more confidence in my ability.

So, I thought back to early art classes I did, and remembered a figure workshop. Why not?

I have identified people and costume for the period of book #3, and tonight I shall attempt to create a template befitting the story.

Several photocopies will then allow me to play about with washes and colours and see what I have forgotten, but it would be fun to have my own artwork if it was of sufficient quality.

As for the book itself? I have put words to paper (well, electronically at least) and there is some momentum. This week I have funerals and hospital trips, but next week I have a clear week - so I am optimistic that I shall get my head down, and move steadily along with what I hope will be my best novel yet!

Those voices in my head...

The voices inside my head have finally started, once again. I have been struggling with how to adapt the work I have already under...