Saturday, 9 March 2013

My first Kindle White - reading in the 21st Century

I sometimes surprise myself, but today I decided to go out and treat myself.

I mean, here I am, busy writing; about to self publish my first two e books on Amazon KDP; and I had not even got a Kindle!

I admitted in an earlier blog, that I.T. has started to leave me behind, and I have always loved the feel of manuscript, and the joy of turning over the page corner, in eager anticipation of the next session.

But, I decided if I wanted to see my e books and those of my fellow writers on these hallowed groups, I needed a Kindle.

I now have a beautiful Kindle White - and I can read it in bright light.

Back to turning the page corners, I can even do that electronically.

Clever Kindle.

A 'Simmo' friendly device as last!

Just downloaded my first book - thanks +Megan Denby - A Thistle in the mist. Looking forward to those wild Scottish moorlands, and perhaps a wee dram.


  1. Hey Phil!

    Wow! I am so honoured to help 'christen' your Kindle! Yay!! I hope you enjoy your journey into the workings of my mind. I'd love to know your thoughts from a writer's perspective. Thanks, Phil - happy reading and enjoy your wee dram:)


  2. Hi Megan; I have to admire your talent! I have reached chapter three and thoroughly enjoyed the scheming and plotting of the devious Aunt / step-mom. I thought it might be a little 'girly' compared to my usual taste, but your research and the thread relating to the Napoleonic wars, and such detail as the loading of the muskets...stunning imagery. Actually makes for a good read for male or female, and the sense of what is to come next is gripping. Can't wait to pick it up tomorrow and see off a few more chapters. Brilliant stuff!


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