Thursday, 14 March 2013

A Battle with my Blogger pages

I am having a battle with my Blog pages.

I had initially hoped that I would be able to create a 'Category' style pages index, and file blogs under each, as their own pages if necessary.

I have now found the 'label' system, and included a gadget under my pages to try and indicate previous posts under appropriate category labels.

Some pages ought to go into the new area, but that would mean recreating them as posts, rather than pages, and then deleting their current page status.

Google+ / Blogger - why can't you make this an easier process for us?


  1. Actually, for a user it doesn't really matter whether it's a page or a post. What counts is the accessibility via a link (side list) or a tab at the top. It's really easy to repost a page: Go to your page edit and click on the html tab in the top left corner. You'll see the code that is behind the page. Copy all of that and then create a new post. Click on the html tab there and paste the code. Copy the header and tags, and publish your new post.
    If you want your post to be found individually, just use its URL as a link in a link list you can create in the layout page, for whatever purpose you desire. Or just leave the page in your blog as well.

    1. Irma; Thank you so much for taking the trouble to reply. Your explanation makes so much more sense than anything else I have been offered today.

  2. I put this on G+ for you
    I'm quite sure you can solve your problem here, if you just start out with posts, rather than pages.

    1. Many thanks. Saw the entry and +1'd it. I shall sit down this afternoon and reassess my blog.


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