Wednesday, 24 July 2013

My characters have taken over my storyboard, yet again!

Hey guys;

I spent a few useful hours, yesterday, in between storms, working on extending my storyboards for the next two 'Borough Boys' series novellas.

Within minutes of starting and adding detailed ideas, our friend Sergeant Beddows made a startling confession, and it came as somewhat of a surprise to both me and Shepherd.

The more we listened, and the more we played around with ideas, poor old Shepherd was having a horrible time, both in his relationship with Beddows, and with some distressing news on the home front.

Old Beddows is becoming a bit of a dark horse!

Let me just say, that there may be a new character coming out in book three, and Beddows may be distracted!

This character takes us through into book four and Beddows and Shepherds lives are changed for ever...for good or bad...but you will have to see for whom it is good, or bad!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Summertime blues - beaten by the weather!

Hey Guys!

Winter is a wonderful time for writers, or so I have discovered. Whilst it was wet, windy, cold and dark (You remember - most of 2012 and the first half of 2013), I was able to write copiously.

I had a conservatory built when I retired, as an office, and even on bad days I was 'in the garden' and could feel and hear the winter all around me, but that inspired me to make the best use of all that time.

For two whole weeks we have been blessed with wall to wall sunshine, and my conservatory has become a greenhouse / sauna / cooker...

The downside - it has been too hot to sit and attempt serious writing.

So, what have I been doing?

I have been researching for my next two books. Most of that work is now complete. I have been doing a lot of interacting, supporting fellow writers, and trying to raise the profile of 'The Borough Boys' series on media resources.

Last weekend saw over 700 copies of the two books combined go out to new readers!

I was involved in a recent discussion about 'what to write next'.

I took stock and worked out that I have enough material for about 30 years, chronologically, in 'The Borough Boys' series. I have two contemporary novels part complete, set in the Med. I have a children's book where the story is finished and I am about to negotiate a deal with an illustrator, which is something totally new and unexpected! I am also working through a draft of a reference book on using Genealogy materials and resources for Historical Fiction.

So, I should be writing, and must get my head back, weather aside.

I know 'The Borough Boys' now has some momentum, and I think I need to keep that series moving forward. What are YOUR thoughts on what you would like to see from me next?

Thanks guys!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Strange data for weekend giveaway

Well folks - another weekend promotion now over - and good old KDP cannot tell me presently what it has done for my Kindle ratings...

Figures show that over the weekend, 490 copies of Jack Ketch's Puppets were downloaded, and 184 copies of Death Lurks in Cock Muck Hill...which is a little weird...

I thought there may have been more parity and people might have downloaded both?

One to have a think about!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

A 'cracking' weekend for my Borough Boy series!

Hey guys;

After a strange start to Saturday - finding Jack Ketch's Puppets as my free giveaway, when I was sure I'd checked the box for Death Lurks in Cock Muck Hill - and consequently ended up with both listed as a free giveaway until 8am tomorrow (Monday 15th), they have spent most of the weekend in the top 100 free books in Amazon Kindle Fiction / Crime Thrillers Mystery / Mysteries.

As at 8.30pm tonight, JKP was at #38, and DLICMH at #66!

I hope that this will give them a little more visibility for the build up to the Holiday period and beyond, whilst I work on book #3!

Thanks to all who have downloaded - please remember - a review is an authors friend (hopefully!)

Thursday, 11 July 2013

The real Francis 'Tanky' Smith

Hey guys;

I was interested to find a fairly new article by a local writer and blogger, giving a more pictorially supported summary of Francis 'Tanky' Smith, who features in my current 'Borough Boys' series of novels.

I have attached a link below, which is a lovely view of the images from Top Hat Terrace, 119 London Road, Leicester, which Tanky commissioned his son to build with the proceeds from Tank's investigation into the infamous 'Winstanley case'...

Given the time that Tanky was active, both as a detective within the Borough Force and then later, as a private detective, and viewing some of the variations of hats, caps and beards that he wore whilst going under cover, it begs the question 'how long could he have remained disguised?'.

Given a population of about 64,000 at the time, and a small and hard town centre 'clientelle', riddled with crime gangs, he must have become quite recogniseable to villains.

That being said, many of those that he and his partner Thomas 'Black Tommy' Haynes arrested and had convicted, were either subjected to long and harsh terms of imprisonment, transportation or execution! So, probably, every time one went down, his chances were increased of a little longer time 'incognito'.

What I do appreciate is the professionalism and courage that it must have taken to even place himself in such a situation, with so little support...

Brave guys!

Monday, 8 July 2013

A teaser from 'Death lurks in Cock Muck Hill' for those considering a download!

The hovel was small, cramped and dark, as Shepherd had suspected. There was only a rickety, well-worn armchair, a crooked three-legged stool and a table that had long seen better days. A grossly inadequate small fire burned in the grate and a kettle hung from the spit that hung across the embers. Shepherd doubted whether the spit had ever seen meat, but then again, he recognised that with a butcher for a son, she probably ate better than most in the other five hovels. A privvie slop bucket sat in one corner, foul smelling, not emptied for some days probably. Poor old soul couldn’t get as far as the outside privvie in the communal yard, and probably safer not to. The bedroom would no doubt be similarly sad and shabby. The whole place smelled of stale urine, predominantly, as came with very old folk and their diminishing physical and mental well being.
Both constables were quickly aware of the insect activity, and the room seemed to be infested with bugs, lice and large black beetles, crawling over every surface, the candle light catching on their scaly surfaces. ‘The old lady must be alive with them,’ thought Shepherd.
‘These two constables are going to keep you safe, Ma,’ said Porky, rinsing out four old jam jars, with chipped and crooked tops, and which had long seen better days! They had once been prized by his Father, who had brought them back from the Napoleonic wars, ‘seized from Napoleon’s own cooks’, his Father had once told him. The rinsing water stood in an old ceramic bowl, and looked grey and murky in the candle-light.
Perkins looked decidedly green at the thought of what was to be offered.
‘You’ll drink out of worse than this by the time we’ve left the Rookeries,’ whispered Shepherd, ‘so now stop

Death Lurks in Cock Muck Hill - Summer Holiday promotional Giveaway...

Hey guys;

It's that time of the year when you are going to want to download some easy reading for your holiday relaxation.

Commencing this Friday, 12th July 2013, and ending on Sunday 14th July, I am giving away copies of 'Death Lurks in Cock Muck Hill' , my latest addition to the Borough Boys series.

This is a novella of about 25k words, 100 pages, and is an easy read!

What am I looking for in return?

I would love to have some reviews!

If you wish to download a copy, please take advantage, as I shall not run a further free event with this book...

The link to my page is below...

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Friday, 5 July 2013

Have you got your Summer Holiday reading sorted yet?

Hey guys;

It's that time of the year, and many of you are no doubt packing your cases, and uploading your Kindles, with the books for the holiday...

This is a blatant self-promotional post!

There are now two of my 'Borough Boys' series available...both in paperback and in Kindle format.

Jack Ketch's Puppets - my first full novel

Death Lurks in Cock Muck Hill - a novella, book #2 in the series

Full details of these and my non fiction can be found at my Amazon Authors page...

Monday, 1 July 2013

My second batch of Authors to be interviewed - the first questions have gone out!

Hey guys;

The four original 'victims' for my interviews of contemporary authors have now been published, and today I have sent off the first questions for 'batch two'.

The authors who will feature in this batch are as follows;-

Steven D Malone, author of 'Sideshow at Honey Creek'...and blogger at

Michelle Booth, author of 'Goodreads for Authors'- and other books ...and blogger at

Teagan Kearney, author of 'Golden Dragon Haiku'...and blogger at

and, last but not least...

Jen Christopherson, author of 'Warrior Crone' and 'Tiov'...and blogger at

These four authors will bring four more sets of fascinating information about Historical fiction; Myth, fantasy and sorcery; Haiku and 'everything you have ever wanted to know about Goodreads'!

Those voices in my head...

The voices inside my head have finally started, once again. I have been struggling with how to adapt the work I have already under...