Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Another Dark Humour Collective short...

The following is my entry for this week's 'Dark Humour Collective' competition. A short that describes a sense or sensation with a bizarre twist...If you like it, the entry can be found at the 'Dark Humour Collective' groups page at 


Night Terrors of a heavy sleeper

It had been a turbulent night. That dry, rasping heat that causes a thirst that cannot be quenched.

The thunder had rumbled for some hours, and despairingly, I slid out of bed and opened all of the windows as wide as I safely could.


Too right; we were in the middle of a crime wave. Climb in burglaries by the score, all when the owners were in bed and asleep.

But tonight, the Thunder, lightning and ‘Monsoon heavy’ rain, should keep most bad guys off the street.

I settled down, and slowly drifted off, deep, deep sleep. Thank you God.

How long I had been gone, I don’t rightly know?

The first thing I became aware of was tightness around my throat, as I tried to cry out, but nothing came. Muted; Muffled.

Fingers were digging deep into the flesh of my thigh, sheer pain, nails tearing through layers and fibres, gouging flesh and bleeding me.

I tried again to scream, nothing.

Abject darkness; I couldn’t see. What was happening to me?

The fingers dug deeper now, probing and ripping, wrenching, tearing, scarring.

The pain now unbearable, please God, let it end.

My hand gripped the thick, writhing wrist of my attacker, twisting and wrestling it free from its bloody venture, prising the strong, wet, sticky fingers from the wounds.

‘Oh my god’, I heard my wife scream in the distance ‘what are you doing?’

‘He’s tearing me apart, I can’t see...’ I sobbed

‘Wake up, you’re dreaming. Look what you’ve done to your leg, you stupid man!’

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