Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Poets of G+ competition entry 'Woodstock'

This week's Poets of G+ competition is to write a poem that starts...
'By the time I got to Woodstock'...

You oldies out there might be familiar with this Lyric?

This is my entry... (PS - I was not old enough to be there - as has been suggested by some!)

By the time I got to Woodstock
According to the local news
‘Bout a Half a million people
Were descending on Woodstock blues

Them roads were jammed for miles around
The fields, with mud they oozed
The air was thick with dope and sound
As we gathered for Woodstock blues

My first Free love was tasted
Amongst long straggling queues
With those who waited patiently
To get some Woodstock blues

On Friday rain descended
Muddy Water filled my shoes
Richie Havens warmed the audience
With his rhythmic Woodstock blues

On Saturday, more famous bands
Flew in - cos of them queues
Santana, Who and Mountain
They sung their Woodstock blues

Whilst Joplin stirred it up again
The peaceful of us snoozed
kept our heads down in the pouring rain
Making love to Woodstock blues

Sunday into Monday,
Site high on dope or booze
It all became electrifying 
With Hendrix’ Woodstock blues

By Monday, hell, the place was rammed
Half a million, all enthused
Crammed on Max Yagur’s dairy farm
Infusing Woodstock blues

By Tuesday, what was all the fuss?
Well, Joni Mitchell knew
I’d now become a child of god
Who’d help make Woodstock News

By Wednesday, so the papers say
The biggest Gig - old news
But I‘d could say, forever
I was part of Woodstock Blues


  1. I really like your poem. I was thinking the other day how so many comparisons could be made between the internet/G+ and Woodstock.

  2. Thanks Lacey. Interesting comparison - Internet & G+ v Woodstock. In years to come how many of us will have been and learned, experienced, but been left behind by something that overtakes us. It's nice that things like Woodstock can still be so evocative. I suspect more so than the internet!


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