Saturday, 16 February 2013

Positive value of 'rejection letters'

I find rejection letters from Literary Agencies quite a lot better than some comments had lead me to believe. 

I also appreciate that some have also become adept at gentle let-downs.

However, I have just had one of the most 'promising' rejection letters to date, from a major UK agency, who actually stated that they had 'read my first novel, and thought it stronger than many recent submissions, and an enjoyable read'. 

Should I relish such a rejection letter?


That actually gives me so much more hope, as the rejection was more about not identifying a publisher who would take the genre, rather than the text itself not being up to the mark.

I wish all agencies could be so emphatic - for better or worse - and include a short constructive critique. 

It might deter those who decide to put their draft back on the shelf!

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