Wednesday, 6 February 2013

BBC 'Death in Paradise' ... in praise of...

Hi folks, I don't know why I didn't start to comment on this series earlier, as it is now five weeks into an eight week run!

I have found this to be one of the most amusing and absorbing BBC series, other than 'Ripper Street', for some time.

An appealing mix of Caribbean setting,  great casting, and imaginative 'who dun it?' plots, has made this a 'must watch' on a Tuesday night.

Ben Miller, as the shyly reserved and constrained British detective, seconded to the island, in the role of Detective Inspector  Richard Poole, brings his humour to the fore throughout.

Ably assisted by the delicious Sergeant Camille Bordey, played by Sara Martins, the counter-point to Miller's humour.

Danny John-Jules plays the seasoned Saint Marie plod Dwayne Myers, who does everything the old way, wherever possible, and knows everybody. Best remembered as 'Cat' in Red Dwarf, his humour also comes through to bolster that of Miller. 'Cat' is never far away!

The bright young cop Fidel Best, played by Gary Carr, completes the super-efficient team, who do all their own forensics scenes of crime themselves, and here Fidel is at his best.

Led by the laid back Commissioner Selwyn Patterson , played by Don Warrington - he of 'Rising Damp' fame, the relentless pursuit of making sure the crime is detected in the hour to get politicians or businessmen off his case, gives him slightly more than a cameo role.

These are real, good old fashioned story-lines, with clever twists and turns, and the lovely underlying sub-plot of a gorgeous young Caribbean detective who carries a flame for the bumbling, straight faced Miller.

If you haven't watched it must.

Hope there will be a series three!

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