Monday, 18 February 2013

Review - Episode 7 - Ripper Street 'A man of my company'

Hi Guys;

After a week off last week for some awards programme or other , I was really looking forward to last night's episode.

I am bitterly disappointed. I thought I was watching a series set in impoverished Whitechapel, but last night it made a giant leap to Dodge City!

BBC script writers, what are you thinking?

First disappointment - back in my review of episode 4, I highlighted the role of the emerging PC Dick Hobbs (Jonathan Barnwell) who had all the makings of a bright young copper - just like Samson Shepherd in 'The Borough Boys' , my first novel.

I did suggest that I hoped he would not be made a 'sacrificial lamb' like so many other young cops have in the past (Remember PC Sweet in Z-Cars?).

Last night they killed him off! Spoo!

That aside, the story was set around the arrival of a wealthy American businessman, and his minders, a gang of 'Pinkerton' men, with their own agenda - to seek out Long Susan and Homer Jackson and seek retribution for an earlier incident in the good old USA.

The main protagonist - Frank Goodnight - (what a name!) - played by Edoardo Ballerini, a knife wielding, gun toting killer, goes around Whitechapel and has chalked up two kills very quickly, severing spines and drowning opposition, including PC Hobbs.

Prostitues are beaten up to try and identify where Long Susan's 'Abbey' is located, and to track down Jackson.

I also identified earlier that clearly Jackson was NOT Jackson, and last night we learned that he used to be known as Matthew Judge, and he had killed Goodnight's brother in a gunfight.

Sadly, from that point onwards, the show deteriorated, and DI Reid and DS Drake appeared inadequate and powerless to arrest and beat up the Americans, which they jolly well deserved. A MISSED OPPORTUNITY BBC SCRIPTWRITERS!

Not only that, it was then suggested in closing scenes, that the same Officers would just stand back, and Leman Street suddenly became the OK Corral, with Jackson (Or Judge) at one end, and Goodnight at the other, one shot each, in a duel.

The last duel actually fought on English soil took place at Old Windsor on October 14th 1852, in a part of the Beaumont estate off Priest Hill. Both participants were French, a formal naval captain named Cournet and a civil engineer named Bartlemey.  

I smiled when Jackson pulled out his pocket watch, and sat in anticipation of a quick musical interlude a la 'fistful of dollars' style, but sadly they bottled (The BBC!)

And after all that, Jackson was the only man with a round left, and rather than Goodnight being arrested for murders, Reid allowed Jackson to walk down the street and execute him in front of the Hack - Best - and a packed street full of Coppers and East-Enders!

So, Jackson was not just Judge, but Jury and Executioner!!!!! LOL

What was that all about? Like it would happen? 

BBC please take a reality check before you go ahead with endings like that - they are spoiling what was otherwise becoming a very good series!!!!!


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