Saturday 16 February 2013

Death in Paradise - BBC - Tuesday 12th February 2013

I am going to pick up on one aspect alone from Tuesday's episode, which made the whole episode for me.

I love the character that has been developed by Ben Miller, the bumbling, deep, shy, sensitive, cautious, hesitant, neurotic Inspector Richard Poole.

Several critics of this programme have denounced it as rubbish.

I think they are looking for something different!

This is a good old fashioned, light-hearted, who-dunnit? in the realms of Midsummer Murders, but in a warmer climate!

They (the so called professional critics) are missing the stories behind the stories.

How many of you have been the victim of the bullying boss, team leader, dominant peer?

I bloody well have! 

And for ages I hadn't got a clue how to deal with them, or rather I hadn't developed the self-confidence to deal with them.

In this episode, the neurotic, timid side of Richard Poole is totally exposed, as he comes face to face with a good, old fashioned, corrupt, bullying, arrogant, Met Detective, and his former boss.

There is clearly history, and it is clearly founded on intimidation.

As the investigation into the murder of a disabled holiday-maker, who just happens to be his ex-boss's wife develops, you can sense that Poole is under huge pressure based on the previous relationship.

But, as history shows, every dog has its day, and this was to be Richard Poole's, as he traps his ex-boss and rightly is rewarded with a delightful 'payback' opportunity!

How many of us would have loved that opportunity at one point in our lives?

So, for all of you who have bullied me in the past, BEWARE! 

My pen may become your downfall - YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

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