Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Writing outside of my comfort zone

I said in a previous post, that I was finding interacting with other aspiring and / or experienced and published writers was becoming addictive.

In the space of the last week, I have found the courage to move beyond my comfort zone.

On a group 'The Writers Discussion Group' there is a weekly competition for members to write and submit a 600 word short story, the prompt for which may be a photo, or a few opening or closing words, or even a song.

I have submitted two short stories in two weeks. One was what I would call 'sc-fi' and the second quite a dark sinister horror / dark humour.

Moi? I have never written either before, nor have I ever had the inclination to do so.

I have also joined a smaller group - 'Dark Humour' - and just written a very short, short merging a bit of 'Forest Gump' and a bit of 'Saving Private Ryan' and turned Tom Hanks into a murderous sociopath. What?

I have also joined a Poetry group.

My latest venture is a collaborative project with writers from UK, USA & New Zealand, and a possible illustrator. Something of a work in progress.

My writing is becoming as eclectic as my music tastes, but I am loving the diversity and the chance to try new things from lessons learned.

If you subscribe to these groups, look up the competitions, and have a go, they are fun! FUN ! FUN! 


  1. Yes, I know what you mean. I just started blogging. I found courage from another blogger to post a follow button on my blog, ended up with a subscribe by e-mail button. Definitely out of my comfort zone. But I'm learning.

    1. Hi Lacey; Great to hear from you. Good luck with your blogging. I look at other writer's blogs and see a more 'professional' learned approach, and know I have to strive to get theer, but I think it might be fun along the way.


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