Friday, 15 February 2013

Dusting off the old me

I have been encouraged by family and friends to have a look back at some stuff I did a few years ago, when I started to teach myself Guitar, and I actually sat down and wrote quite a few sets of lyrics.

I also transposed some into a collection of poetry addressing Leicestershire Myths and Legends.

It has been an interesting exercise, and I have enjoyed looking at what I was writing then, and how I am writing now.

One or two pieces I actually felt confident to submit for Poetry competitions, and have just sent off entries to the 'Bridport Prize' as a result of dusting them off and sprucing them up.

I have also just submitted my first 100 word story competition for the 'Jeffrey Archer Prize' for Kobo / Curtis Brown Agency.

That was quite an interesting exercise, with just 100 words to convey an entire concept from start to finish.

The beauty of the 'dusting off' is also that it has furnished me with another short book that I shall look to publish in the forthcoming weeks, and broaden my audience, hopefully.

This writing habit is becoming addictive!

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