Monday, 11 February 2013

License to distort fact from fiction

Hi everyone! 

A break from Ripper Street this week with the BAFTAs, so little to compare and contrast.

It has been a very enlightening week for me, as I am at a point where I am still awaiting one or two agents, a competition deadline that must pass before I can consider publishing in any format, so have been researching 'what to do next'.

Reading other reviews of 'Ripper Street' I have begun to notice other Victorian fictional crime writers comparing the content of each episode for historical accuracy.

There are some very interesting observations about cameras and cinematic equipment, firearms, explosives, and all indicate that the writer had allowed some license to introduce some of these before they were actually invented (or more accurately some were patented).

The general consensus was 'so what if he did?'...

That is an enormous relief to me as it means I can be less anxious about some ideas I have, particularly for the second novel in my 'Borough Boys' series, which is growing slowly and daily. 

If it might have been invented, then it might actually have existed, even if there is nothing to say that it did at a given point on my timeline.

That gives me freedom that I had not considered.

I do not intend to abuse the opportunity, but boy does it allow my creative juices to flow a little more freely!

'Death in Paradise' tomorrow, and I shall look to give my views on that sometime early on Wednesday, and then back to 'Ripper Street' on Sunday.

Of interest, I note that the BBC has just commissioned a second series of 'Ripper Street' so more to look forward to, and I shall be catching up by then...well I shall be in 1854 / 1855 by then anyway with my Coppers!

Take care!

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