Wednesday, 29 April 2015

An A - Z of Victorian Crime and Culture - T is for...

T is for - Tanky... A bit like Samson Shepherd. How could I not start of the T selection without Tanky Smith. A real copper from the inception of The Borough Police in Leicester, and who I have woven in to my stories. 

A bit about the real Tanky...courtesy of a link to 'Leicester's History' Facebook entry Francis “Tanky” Smith Baptised: 27th... - Leicester's History

T is for - Terrier crop... a short and spiky haircut which was a signature / telltale sign of a prison stint.

T is for - Toolers... slang name for pickpockets. This type of crime was rife in the murky streets and alleyways of Victorian Leicester.

T is for - Topped... to be topped was to be killed. The Borough Boys have their fair share of 'Toppings' - either murderous or exceptions.

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