Tuesday, 21 April 2015

An A - Z of Victorian Crime and Culture - L is for...

What Victorian Crime blog would be complete without...

L is for - London Particular - the thick fog / smog that encompassed the capital for years, rolling in off the Thames.

L is for - Lush - a word that seems to be very vogue at the present, but with Victorian origins - meaning an alcoholic drink.

L is for - Lushery - a place where you could acquire an alcoholic drink - legal or otherwise.

L is for - Lushington - a drunkard. It's funny how we have adapted words and how 'Lush' has replaced  lucious and yet we still call what the Victorians would have called a Lushington, just a lush!

L is for Lurker - a general criminal who would lurk or hang around for any form of opportunist crime.

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