Sunday 26 April 2015

An A - Z of Victorian Crime and Culture - Q is for...

Q is for - Queen Victoria... Victorian England wouldn't have been the same without her! (Think about that one...) The expansion of the Commonwealth and Empire brought about so many of the events that shaped 1850's England, and locally, Leicester. The 'Queens Peace' was also a main part of legislation during this period and post Napoleonic War, breaches of the peace and offences against the Queen's Peace were widespread, which kept The Borough Boys busy!

Q is for - Quid... the beloved bank note became a main form of currency during the 1850s, and the new fangled bank notes that promised to 'pay the bearer on demand', rather than the old style bank order notes, began to circulate. The change happens during book three in my Borough Boys series, and high value bank notes are central to my first crime that starts the story rolling.

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