Wednesday 12 October 2016

Awesome Feedback!

Hi, folks.
As much as I spoke of the anti-climax, following the release of book three in the series, I have been blessed this week with some very rewarding feedback from friends and readers alike.
When a reader makes an instant connection with one of your background characters, and refers to him by name, in this case Sergeant Sheffield, who came to mind during a recent visit to the old station within Leicester Guildhall, ghostly pipe smoke billowing.

Another contacted me asking if I would be interested in looking around Devonshire Place, London Road, which is the fictional address of the Harrison family in book three. I have not been inside the place in 38 years and a look at what it is like today would be a really nice experience.
Such comments and enquiries make me feel very humble at having created something and somebody that readers clearly care about, and can share back with me.
Thanks to those involved - you are awesome!

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