Sunday, 21 February 2021

More news on book four - and pricing print books

 After a review of current Amazon / Kindle pricing, printing costs, etc, and their impact on value for money for my readers who prefer print books, I was quite concerned as to how the size of 'Without fear of favour' had influenced such a high print copy cost, at over 450 pages.

As a consequence, I have reviewed my draft of what will be book four in the Borough Boys series, and adapted into print book sized format, and already I am at 280 pages, with quite a bit left to fit in.
I have eliminated as much superfluous material as possible to get it down to the current size, and set myself a limit of 400 pages, maximum, for my target to complete the work.
I am still more than happy with the story / storyline, and the intrigue is still there, but I know it will be tough to keep with the target, as things presently stand.
The good news is that I am still writing hard, and the end is definitely in sight!

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