Saturday, 23 August 2014

Finally - the light at the end of the tunnel...

Hey guys;

It seems ages since I could find time to do anything to do with my writing ambitions. Work has taken such a hold of me that I have been brain dead, by the time I have walked through my front door, of an evening.

Well, things are changing. I have now had confirmation that between now and the 1st of November, perhaps as early as 1st October this year, I can move onto a there day week.

Those two days will be my life back and will be a mix of writing and playing golf...two of the loves I have had to let slip over the last nine months or so.

My laptop is loaded with my w.i.p.s and my mind is starting to work through my new business plan. One novel and an updated version of Leicestershire Myth and Legend - in verse, will be my initial ambition for focus during the remainder of 2014.

Book three in The Borough Boys series is part-complete, and I want this to be the best yet, and to demonstrate that I can actually write something a little better than book one and two.

I also need an illustrator for a children's book...if any of you are aspiring artists?

So, keep your eyes peeled, as I am on the way back.

Best wishes


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