Wednesday, 13 November 2013

My desire to work on book #3 is warming up again...

Hey guys;

The winter is doing the writing trick for me - it was about this time last year that I sat down and wrote book #1 , 'Jack Ketch's Puppets', using those long cold days and long dark nights as a catalyst.

I am in the same mindset, and last night started to compile some figures for my cover art.

Before I started writing, I used to do quite a lot of watercolour painting and work in pastels. I have a few bits and pieces littered around the house, but most I gave to friends as gifts or when they asked who the painter was and showed a liking.

I never had the courage to display or sell any, but last night a mate suggested that I should have more confidence in my ability.

So, I thought back to early art classes I did, and remembered a figure workshop. Why not?

I have identified people and costume for the period of book #3, and tonight I shall attempt to create a template befitting the story.

Several photocopies will then allow me to play about with washes and colours and see what I have forgotten, but it would be fun to have my own artwork if it was of sufficient quality.

As for the book itself? I have put words to paper (well, electronically at least) and there is some momentum. This week I have funerals and hospital trips, but next week I have a clear week - so I am optimistic that I shall get my head down, and move steadily along with what I hope will be my best novel yet!

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