Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Current Amazon / Kindle at 1930hrs 20/11/13

Hey guys;

I have just been doing my monthly check of how the books of both myself and the other writers in myy group of contemporaries are doing...

There are currently 40 million books for sale on Amazon, and 1.6 million for sale on Kindle at

Jack Ketch's Puppets - 127k in all Amazon Books (Top .3%) 187k in Kindle (Top 11%)

Death Lurks in Cock Muck Hill - 963k in all Amazon Books (Top 5%) 114k in Kindle (Top 7%)

Leicestershire Myth & Legend - in verse - 1.9m in all books (Top 5%) 519k in Kindle (Top 30%)

Barricades (Anne Shilton) - 148k all Amazon Books (Top .3%) 175k in Kindle (Top 11%)

Dead Letter Day (Keri Beevis) 719k all Amazon Books (Top 2%) 134k in Kindle (Top 8%)

Thistle in the mist (Megan Denby) 1.2m in all Amazon Books (Top 5%) 89k in Kindle (Top 5%)

Blank Slate Boarding House (Chaunce Stanton) - Unlisted on all books. 397k on Kindle (Top 24%)

Shortstack (Tim Hurley) - Unlisted on all books - 681k on Kindle (Top 40%)

Guys - just need the royalties to match the figures!

I think we are doing okay at present!

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