Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Murder most British - an insight to production time for a best seller

Hey guys;

Last night I finally managed to get around to watching 'Murder most British' on BBC4, the series in three parts relating to Britain's fascination with crime and murder. 

Part three - must find the first two parts on some player, somewhere...was on last night, and looked at the writers of the nineteen twenties and thirties, and 'who-dun-it?' books.

What struck me was the exploration of Agatha Christie's working life, and the reality that she spent four years working on (what was to become) a best seller, and had a host of refusals from Publishers before it was taken up. Each of those publishers must have kicked themselves, years later! But four years to write what she considered to be a finished product.

I am finally learning, particularly through my current lifestyle change process, that you can't rush things, and some things are better achieved over a longer period and at a slower pace.

Using that analogy, I have become a lot more relaxed about my third novel in 'The Borough Boys' series, and if it took Agatha Christies four years to write one best seller, I am not going to gain anything by rushing mine through when I am clearly not in the best frame of mind to do so.

Consequently, I have removed all thoughts of a December deadline, and book #3 will be finished when I am finally satisfied with it - content; grammar; spelling; punctuation, and all. I am going to be a realist for a change!

I promise my readers it will be finished, but only when it is worth publishing, will it be published.

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