Thursday, 1 August 2013

Video promotion work in progress

Hey guys;

I apologise for the delay in posting - I have been busy elsewhere, and been out and about with camera and video camera, gathering material for a full introductory / promotional video about 'The Borough Boys' series and other publications.

Technical problems and the fact that I am a dinosaur in so far as IT is concerned these days, it has been an arduous few days.

I now have a pictorial / video timeline constructed, and I have just finished scripting a narration.

Hopefully next week, I will get a few hours to lay down the narration - I tried yesterday, but each time was interrupted by family, dog, telephone or a noisy ice-cream vendor!

Book three is now in full storyline and I will be getting the book written over August and September, with a view to publishing at the end of September / early October. Book four will follow almost immediately, as that too is now in full storyline form...with a target of having that one, and then a 'three story compliation' out for Christmas. 

So, I am busy, but not doing a great job at keeping you informed at this site.

Can I remind you that my daily mumbles and mutterings can be found on my Facebook page

I am also ready to engage with an illustrator who has shown her interest in my childrens' book, and hope to give that some time soon, also!

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