Saturday, 24 August 2013

Marketing woes - The Borough Boys series

Hey guys;

I am a little concerned about my current series 'The Borough Boys'.

For the last couple of weeks they have been slipping down the Amazon Kindle ratings, and I was hoping to see more of an uptake with the summer holidays.

That is really disappointing, so I am seeking feedback and advice.

I have listed some questions below, and would love some honest answers.

1/ Covers. 

  • Of books 1 and 2, which has the most eye-catching appeal and why?
  • What attracts you?
  • What puts you off?
  • What would add to their appeal?
2/  Pricing.

  • What do you think of the ebook pricing?
  • Too high? If so what do you think is more realistic?
  • Too low? Ditto.
  • Paperbacks - what do you think is a reasonable price for a paperback today?

Thanks for helping out.



  1. Hi Phil,

    First of all there may be nothing wrong - it is just so difficult to market in such a saturated market place, unless you happen to have good media contacts. But I will give you my two pennyworth.

    Covers. I like the second very much because it is so atmospheric. However, it gives out signals of potential horror genre, which may be a bit misleading.

    Pricing. I think is fine, but there is a school of thought that it is easy to UNDER price a Kindle, which gives out a possibly wrong signal. I am about to increase mine. Paperback I think you are about right. A typical price for a full length paperback in the book stores is around £7.99.

    Blurb. Maybe try for a really punchy first paragraph?

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks Anne; much appreciated, as always.

  2. Don't like book 2 cover, the fact that it's a negative. The usual price for ebooks is 2,68 € and I'm thinking twice. Yours are at 3,11 €. An ebook cannot be given away or resold after reading it, that's the one drawback.
    I have a policy in place not to spend more than 2 € for an ebook by an author I don't know. This is to protect me from splurging. Getting ebooks is too easy and enjoyable.

    1. Irma; many thanks. Cover two was an attempt at doing something different, and looking at whether artist's costs would have much affect on sales / turnover, so I have room for thought with book #3. Re the price, I had read so many tales of people looking at low price ebooks and thinking they MUST be bad, and went with some recommendations from a newspaper article and a RRP from them. Thanks for the time and suggestions. Pricing is an easy fix!

  3. Phil:

    I'm not fond of cover 2. To me, it doesn't look professionally designed and there isn't an immediate eye catching quality to it. I would suggest colors that pop more. The paperback price seems fine, but the ebook may be a little high. Unfortunately, there is a fine line between pricing affordably (which people seem to expect for ebooks) and under-pricing which gives the impression of low value. I suggest pricing the ebooks at either $1.99 or 2.99.


    1. Hi Robin; again, thanks for the feedback, much as that of Irma, above. Again, you hit the nail on the head re pricing dilemma, and the response I gave to Irma re RRP from a news article. I may well give it a run at a lower ebook price and see whether there is an impact. Re covers - this is really for me to consider what I do with book #3, so thanks again!


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