Saturday, 31 August 2013

As book #3 grows, a little teaser for my readers.

Book #3 is now growing steadily - another 2k words today!

Last night I settled upon a rather nice title, that will adorn the cover, which I also completed last night.

So, a little teaser, to get the ball rolling...


‘Did you hear that?’ asked Maria, also stirring. ‘I thought it sounded like something on the roof.’

‘I’ll go and have a look around. It’s probably just a cat or a bird that’s roosted for the night, but you never know,’ replied Edward, stepping onto the warm bedside rug, his bare feet brushing the plush pile, the air fresh on his bare legs beneath his nightshirt.

As he stood upright, the door to the bedroom opened slowly, and Edward was confronted by a dark, masked figure entering the room.

‘Stand back, I have a pistol,’ shouted Edward Paget, in fear and in an attempt to frighten off the intruder.

‘Don’t look like it to me, Mister,’ said the intruder, now moving menacingly toward the anxious occupants.

‘What do you want? Just take it and leave us alone,’ screamed Maria, pulling the loose bed sheet up over hair nightdress, protecting her modesty.

‘A little bird tells me you have rather a lot of money on the property, and I’d rather like that, if I may be so bold as to ask,’ said the intruder.

Both Edward and his wife noticed that the man spoke with an American accent. They had spent some earlier years in the colonies on business.

‘We have not much cash here at all. I went to the bank yesterday and paid most of it in, there is only about fifty pounds on the premises,’ said Edward.

‘Open your safe and show me,’ demanded the man.

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