Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A first taste of book #3 in 'The Borough Boys' series...

Samson Shepherd sat bolt upright in bed, the sheets around him wet and clinging to the damp film which coated his naked body; his breathing rapid - and for a moment, he struggled to separate dream from reality.

He must have shouted out, and woken himself doing so.

Slowly, Sally opened her eyes, and drew herself up onto her elbow alongside him. 

‘You’re having that dream again, Samson. The poor boy has gone, and there was nothing you could have done to change things.’ Sally tried hard, yet again, to reassure her man.

‘I heard yesterday, that old Mr Williams, the man that shot Archie, had been found hanging in the Borough Gaol. He couldn’t live with his guilt any longer, I suspect. Just opened the old wounds up again,’ Shepherd reflected, now coming to his senses, and a little more focused.

‘It’s a hot night, Samson, and you’ve to be at work at six in the morning, so back to sleep with you; give me a hug,’ whispered Sally, as their naked flesh locked tightly together, and kissed him on his forehead, holding his head in her arms against her face until he was asleep again.

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