Monday, 22 July 2013

Summertime blues - beaten by the weather!

Hey Guys!

Winter is a wonderful time for writers, or so I have discovered. Whilst it was wet, windy, cold and dark (You remember - most of 2012 and the first half of 2013), I was able to write copiously.

I had a conservatory built when I retired, as an office, and even on bad days I was 'in the garden' and could feel and hear the winter all around me, but that inspired me to make the best use of all that time.

For two whole weeks we have been blessed with wall to wall sunshine, and my conservatory has become a greenhouse / sauna / cooker...

The downside - it has been too hot to sit and attempt serious writing.

So, what have I been doing?

I have been researching for my next two books. Most of that work is now complete. I have been doing a lot of interacting, supporting fellow writers, and trying to raise the profile of 'The Borough Boys' series on media resources.

Last weekend saw over 700 copies of the two books combined go out to new readers!

I was involved in a recent discussion about 'what to write next'.

I took stock and worked out that I have enough material for about 30 years, chronologically, in 'The Borough Boys' series. I have two contemporary novels part complete, set in the Med. I have a children's book where the story is finished and I am about to negotiate a deal with an illustrator, which is something totally new and unexpected! I am also working through a draft of a reference book on using Genealogy materials and resources for Historical Fiction.

So, I should be writing, and must get my head back, weather aside.

I know 'The Borough Boys' now has some momentum, and I think I need to keep that series moving forward. What are YOUR thoughts on what you would like to see from me next?

Thanks guys!

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