Monday, 1 July 2013

My second batch of Authors to be interviewed - the first questions have gone out!

Hey guys;

The four original 'victims' for my interviews of contemporary authors have now been published, and today I have sent off the first questions for 'batch two'.

The authors who will feature in this batch are as follows;-

Steven D Malone, author of 'Sideshow at Honey Creek'...and blogger at

Michelle Booth, author of 'Goodreads for Authors'- and other books ...and blogger at

Teagan Kearney, author of 'Golden Dragon Haiku'...and blogger at

and, last but not least...

Jen Christopherson, author of 'Warrior Crone' and 'Tiov'...and blogger at

These four authors will bring four more sets of fascinating information about Historical fiction; Myth, fantasy and sorcery; Haiku and 'everything you have ever wanted to know about Goodreads'!

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