Wednesday, 24 July 2013

My characters have taken over my storyboard, yet again!

Hey guys;

I spent a few useful hours, yesterday, in between storms, working on extending my storyboards for the next two 'Borough Boys' series novellas.

Within minutes of starting and adding detailed ideas, our friend Sergeant Beddows made a startling confession, and it came as somewhat of a surprise to both me and Shepherd.

The more we listened, and the more we played around with ideas, poor old Shepherd was having a horrible time, both in his relationship with Beddows, and with some distressing news on the home front.

Old Beddows is becoming a bit of a dark horse!

Let me just say, that there may be a new character coming out in book three, and Beddows may be distracted!

This character takes us through into book four and Beddows and Shepherds lives are changed for ever...for good or bad...but you will have to see for whom it is good, or bad!


  1. When your characters speak, listen, and write.

    1. Thanks Doc, I really enjoy their guidance, and occasionally having to subdue them - just like in the bad old days!


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