Sunday, 2 June 2013

Nearly ready to go with book The Borough Boys #2 - Death lurks in Cock Muck Hill

Hey Guys;

A few days away from blogging, and some time given up to the family and car problems!

I have now got back most of the work from my beta readers, including a personal 'handover file' from one, on Friday, which proved a really valuable meeting.

A man of Irish descendant, and a keen eye for what old fashioned Irish traditions were relevant at the time, it proved to be a really interesting hour or two, and some appropriate 'fixes' were established. He was also a bit of a firearms enthusiast and the extra view of having fired one, added a little extra to the end product!

I have now had punctuation, grammar, spelling, authenticity, and accuracy of history examined thoroughly, and I think I have also got my head around a standard and acceptable model for punctuating dialogue, in light of my last post...

So, a final read-through on Monday, and then I think I shall be ready to upload to Createspace and KDP before the end of the week.

This will be a novella, of about 25k words, and will cover characters and developments during 1851.

Ultimately, this will form part of a three story compilation at some time in the future, also.

I will let you know as soon as I have any other news!

Take care, and enjoy the sunshine out there!

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