Saturday, 22 June 2013

A quiet week for The Borough Boys

Hey guys;

I have been conscious of the fact that I have not posted anything since my second author interview - Mr Chaunce Stanton...

It has been a week of final research for book three, which is now under way, and will take my characters into 1852 and something, again, a little different.

Tomorrow, Sunday 23rd June, I shall publish the third of my interviews - this time Keri Beevis, from Norwich, the award winning author of 'Dead Letter Day'.

I am still here - despite a silly accident earlier in the week that slowed me down for a couple of days, and hence the gap...

You all take care!


  1. Glad to hear from you ,Phil, and that you're up and about again. Stay well.

  2. Thank you Teagan; Will be in touch early this week with my first questions for your interview...just licking my wounds still, a little, for the weekend!


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