Saturday, 4 May 2013

The potential 'Victims' for forthcoming Author Interviews...

Good afternoon Peeps!

I have had a very heartening and diverse response to my request for Authors who would wish to expose their innermost thoughts, desires, fears, interests and skeletons to the scrutiny of my readers.

I now have an initial list of ten authors, who I shall make contact with later this week, to establish a time line and format. I have listed them, below, a la 'Keri Beevis - Dead Letter Day' order (It leaves me latitude for further victims!) and a snippet of who they are, where they are from, and a bit about their writing / interests.

I have to say, I am impressed at the range of subjects and more importantly, talent,  that we have on offer;

Murder, mystery, fact, fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction,medico-legal, romance, and Haiku, for you lovers of poetry and verse!

My first Victim is Keri Beevis herself, from Norfolk, England, with her inaugural novel 'Dead Letter Day', runner up in The Rethink Press New Novel awards 2012. Keri is also a talented cartoonist / Cameo artist.

Next on the list is Michelle Booth, who has one of the most attractive Blogs / websites and is a specialist on GOODREADS, and author of amongst other great learning resources, 'Goodreads for Authors'. I  can see Michelle being a great source of information and enlightenment.

Then we have Jen Christopherson aka 'Warrior Crone', her current release, and I see she also has a newly blogged interest in Myth & Legend, and the Wyvern, which, oddly enough, was the image of the Borough Boys!

Next, Megan Denby. Megan has helped me as much as anyone in the last few months, and I am privileged to include her in this prestigious list! Megan is from Port Perry, Ontario, in Canada, and has just published 'A Thistle in the mist' which is a stunningly written novel. Megan is not your stereotypical female author, and admits so herself, with a feisty Scottish Great Grandma, a passion for Dragon Boating and as an ex Baseball player! A lovely lady!

Next we have George Eliseo, who like me, is an ex Cop, but in his case from the USA. I look forward to comparing research and anecdotes. I will update you more on George as I learn more about his pending release (of his book that is, unless you know something I don't!).

Next we have our black belt in Haiku, Teagan Kearney, who is also into magic, fiction and sci-fi, author of 'Golden Dragon Haiku'. I know very little other than it is verse in three line format, with a discipline of 5 - 7 - 5 syllabic verse. I shall interrogate Teagan as to its history and traditions, amongst other things.

Then we have Steven Malone (not to be confused with Buzz Malone - as I first did!). Steven is another Historical Fiction buff, like me, and has just published 'Sideshow at Honey Creek', a story of Indians, Cavalry and the conflict between the Indian and the Confederate Forces in Texas during the American Civil War. I look forward to finding more from Steven about his interests and  research methods.

Then we have Ron McManus, from Chesapeake Bay, author of 'Libido's Twist' a medical suspense set in the South West of England, where from photos to which I have access, it looks like Ron likes a pint or two of real beer! I shall ask him about that too!

At number nine, we have Robert Neff, from Florida, a talented Photographer, blogger, writer and Internet expert, author of 'Driving the Divas' and the shortly to be released 'Reconnecting with life'. Some interesting human interaction in these stories and photographs that clearly mean a lot to Robert.

And finally, last but not least, Chaunce Stanton, from Saint Paul, Minnesota, a real Minnesota Viking (by blood) and another guy who has been highly supportive to me during these early steps on the path to becoming a competent writer. Chaunce is the author of 'Luano's Luckiest Day', my current read, and full of spiders, which I hate! His new novel 'The Blank Slate Boarding House for Creatives' will be published later in the year, and is a tale of alternatives, magic and history.  Chaunce is also the moderator of the 'Dark Humour Collective' on Google+ which is, as it says, a dark and black place to venture, and should not be attempted without a grown up being with you!

I hope to work on the basis of giving each author a really deep and rigorous grilling (can you smell it Chaunce?) and get them to spill what they have yet failed to disclose by other means!

According to Keri's blurb, I still have a lot of gaps in my alphabet! 

Having worked on 43 murders between 1983 and 1989 I have a lot of ghastly ways stored of getting to the truth, and I am still looking for at least another 16 victims by Keri's model. I could of course use the Greek alphabet and give myself some extra choices!


  1. I'm looking to reading the interrogations, Phil! Hey - that might be a great name for your interview series...

  2. I have dug out my best leather interrogation gloves, but I'm finding I'm now having a problem typing & smelling my worms, so the gloves must come off!

  3. Hi Phil. Thanks...I think...feeling nervous now...but it'll be alright...won't it?

    Great idea to offer exposure to other writers and thanks for the gift of that black belt.
    Looking forward to the interview.

    PS Minor detail but my book is titled GOLD DRAGON HAIKU (not golden).

    1. Hi Teagan; First and foremost, a humble apology, I worked from a set of rough notes and had incorrectly copied down the title. As for being nervous, please don't! I am hoping to be a little less conventional than with some Q & A sessions I have seen, and to pick on specific areas of unique talent or interest! I will get back to you shortly re how you wish to proceed!



  4. Feel for me guys. I'm the first victim. Yikes! Only kidding, Phil. Looking forward to it.

    1. Hi Keri, only on the basis of your killer's MO. I definitely have you in 1, 2 or 3 spot! Will get back to you in the week!

  5. I'm getting this mental picture of the glaring light shining in my eyes, the good cop - bad cop routine, the glass of water to capture my fingerprints and me sweating...kind of glad I'm over here in Canada, Phil. Ha ha, looking forward to this interview with great anticipation!

    1. We have ways of making you talk!

      Was that the Great Escape or Colditz?

      I'm sure the Mounties are gentle. Then again I worked with two who transfered over to the UK and they were mean!


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