Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Sneak preview of book two in 'The Borough Boys' series

‘Rats is vermin, they need to be destroyed - and their fleas too!’

The Rookeries, Leicester, 1851. 

The Irish dominance of recent years has crumbled following the hanging of the depraved Dubh O’Donnell and his henchman.

For Head Constable Robert Charters and his fifty Constables and Sergeants of the Leicester Borough Police, the power struggle for a new ‘top dog’ within the overcrowded, narrow and fetid streets and alleyways has placed them in daily conflict with the ever increasing number of gangs. 

This is particularly so of the incomers, fresh up from the Rookeries of St Giles, London and their former lair, the Rats’ Castle. 

Open warfare on the streets of Victorian Leicester? 

Who can bring the struggle to an end and by what means? 

This is the second book in the series and a further chance to meet Samson Shepherd, John Beddows, Tanky Smith, Black Tommy Haynes and their colleagues in ‘The Borough Boys’.

The book is presently with proofreaders and should be available for the end of June for the Holiday market!

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