Monday, 13 May 2013

Review - Luano's Luckiest Day - Chaunce Stanton. A FIVE STAR NOVEL...

Well Mr +Chaunce Stanton . This is not the sort of story book that I would normally ever pick up off a shelf, anywhere. I am a bit of a stick, and I love my crime and historical fiction.

However, I actually really enjoyed it! It is a story that once you immerse yourself in, it warms you through, and engages you completely with the lives of its main characters. The heat and dust of the desert can be felt and draws you into the tension.

From about Chapter twenty it was impossible to put down. I wanted to see how the turn would change everyone, and I love the way you created the suspense and the story swung.

As an Arachnophobe, I was enthralled by your imagery of the cowled spiders, and their hold over Luano, physically and in his imagination. Scary stuff, with the most imaginative cobwebs I have ever seen described.

I began to see the illusion in the story, and the surreality of the lives of the main players, touchable but always slipping out of the fingertips. A boy's beliefs and hopes , aspirations blown away in the hot desert sands. Love and loss, and resignation, having but never quite having!

The Fire Dragons scared the hell out of me and I could see them vividly against the arid desert and the influence they imposed.

I look forward to 'Blank Slate Boarding House....' IMMENSLY'

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