Thursday, 9 May 2013

Research for my Author interviews well under way today!

Hey guys;

I have my head down, busily going through Facebook pages and Fan pages, Goodreads and Amazon pages, and inside a pile of books, seeking out background on my impending 'victims'.

The process itself is fascinating, as the more you ask about an author, the more you realise is out there already, but fragmented. Some really cool stuff coming through.

I hope the authors who have volunteered will not feel uncomfortable at my desire to be prepared for when I fire off the first, telling, question!

I hope the interviews give us an insight into what makes us all, as writers, behave in the way we do. How we think? Where we go for our data? Who we engage with along the way to validate stuff? What we can learn from each other and from our inspirations? Why we feel the need to go through the pain that we may well encounter in our attempts to gain recognition?

I also hope that we can have a little fun along the way, at no personal expense!

I am quite astonished at the range of disciplines and interests that are coming up, and the learning points that I hope to elicit will help us all to become better writers, with a greater insight into what we can expect from the Industry.

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