Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Not a blog post for four days!

Hey guys;

Sorry I have not posted since Saturday, but with Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, I have given some time to family, for a bit of a change, compared to lately.

Book two has now been mauled, enhanced, vigorously pruned and formatted for when I send it off to Createspace & Kindle, but before that, it goes out to my beta readers and my main editor and harshest critic - my other half, for punctauation, grammar and general comments and observations.

Whilst I am awaiting responses from each, I have made start on book three, which will take my characters on through 1852. Yet again, something completely different, and a move away from the Rookeries and the seedier side of Leicester.

Pleasing progress, but I am not going to get too pleased with myself, until I get two out in a manner and format that does what I hope it will!

But, getting there!


  1. Phil, your hard work puts me to shame. You deserve to do well!


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