Thursday, 9 May 2013

How to make best use of Historic Public a writer...

Hey guys;

There have been several posts of late on the writers' groups that I interact with, regarding influences and triggers that prompt stories to be written. As a guy with strong historical and local interests, I always think that my first stop when mapping out my next novel, is the list of public houses, geographically, that existed at the time.

I think of 'Jamaica Inn' and 'The Admiral Benbow' - each of which conjours up a vivid image of a time and a place, and of a community of some interest, in famous classics.

I have a long list of Leicester Pubs, which I can date by cross-referencing to Trade Directories and Census records, whose names are evocative, and add a sense of time and place.

With my novels featuring Police and Criminals, they are a natural stomping ground for my characters, and frequent hangouts take place within them.

Look through some of the Historical Trade directories that are available when you next chose a location, and see what exists / existed, and see what thoughts it conjours?

I have just updated my new list for my next (third) book in my series and have over five hundred for the period around 1852-5 and names like 'Admiral Rodney' , 'The British Lion', 'The Eight Bells' and 'The Cape of Good Hope' make me want to include them!

I can just picture +Chaunce Stanton, a connoisseur of fine ales, hiding in a dark corner, listening intently, soaking up gossip and scandal, and keeping an ear out for their dark tales!

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