Thursday, 2 May 2013

First 'rough' draft of book two in 'The Borough Boys' finished!

Hey guys;

Had an inspired day, yesterday, and got the last 9k words off the keyboard by about 8pm.

This will be a 'Novella' or short novel, of about 25k words, and will take my characters forward one year from 'Jack Ketch's Puppets' and 1850.

It is set in the heart of the Rookeries, and it Rocks!

The original ending I had in mind, took a final, unexpected twist, and I have to say UNEXPECTED!

I will be doing some enhancement over the next few days, followed by a very basic edit and harsh pruning, before I get it out to my beta readers for their views, as stage one third party editting process.

I am optimistic it will be on sale for July and the summer holidays.

The cover art and format is taking shape. The blurb is today's project.


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