Friday, 3 May 2013

Another productive day!

Hey guys;

Carried on from where I left off yesterday. Once I have my first rough draft, the first job of stage two is to read through again and stock-take.

I was generally happy with where my fingers and brain had taken me!

Second job of stage two - where can extra detail be justified and add to draft?

Not a lot needed here. Took my word count to just over 26k, with some minor detail and a touch of woven history.

Third job...

A harsh prune! Got it back down to 25k and 100 pages on my preferred template.

Fourth job...

Read it again!

Love it! Just feel a bit guilty calling 25k words of a Novella 'a finished work'.

What else?

I have decided that as the three Novellas that I have planned are completed, albeit they will be published individually as Novella, I shall ultimately merge them into one volume, giving the readers a choice of 1, 2 or all 3 in one go!

Working title is now old hat. I have a Cover Title that I am happy with.

Cover art and text is sweet!


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