Tuesday, 14 May 2013

An update on progress...

Hey guys;

Since I last posted on the subject on 19th April, I have the following updates;-

On my website, visits have increased from 5,247 to 6,751, so 1,504 site visits in under one month!

I have added a further 70 followers on G+, and now at 67o followers overall.

On my blog, hits have increased from 15,692 on 19th April to 18,996 today, an increase of 3,304 hits, and visits up by 1,476, so a similar visit rate on both facilities.

Jack Ketch's Puppets at 9.25 am today GMT, was #110,479 in all Amazon books; 8,464 in Kindle paid store; #73 in Crime Thrillers (History) in paid store!!!  

I am gobsmacked that is riding so high still!

Leicestershire Myth & Legend, which was only a gimmick of an idea for my grand-kids is #239,404 in Kindle Books.

Thanks for all of you who are helping me to progress!

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