Sunday, 12 May 2013

A lazy Sunday - a day to catch up reading my fellow authors' books!

Hey guys;

A good day yesterday. My wife, who is my main preferred editor, gave me back my first draft of book two in 'The Borough Boys' series, relatively in one piece.

She made some astute points about assumptions I had made regarding people's familiarity with characters and their role in book one, so I needed to do a little tweaking.

I now have the book out for proof reading and critiquing with six or seven of my friends and colleagues...thanks Guys!

All being well, it should be ready for final edit and adjustments by the middle part of June, and on sale for July!

So, I feel lazy. All my research is done for a start on book three...and I could make a start.

But I am also aware that I am a pain in the A--- trying to persuade people who have read my books to leave me reviews. In return, I need to finish off the books I have bought recently, and return the compliment.

Today I have two books in mind.

Dead Letter Day, by the talented  +Keri Beevis  , which I am about 60% of the way through.

Luano's Luckiest Day, by that naughty guy  +Chaunce Stanton , which I am about 50% of the way through.

I owe these guys as they are staunch supporters and keep me motivated, together with a handful of other, brilliant new authors.

So, reading it is! 

Have a great Sunday!

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