Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Your views requested, yet again!

Hey guys;

Thanks for your help on Saturday.

I had some interesting feedback and as such I have two covers now to consider...

The first cover is one you may have already commented on.

The second has a revised graphic, and retains the original artist's scale. I have simplified the text and centralised it.

Which would you consider is a more attracting / compelling cover?




  1. The second graphic is much better. I like the bottom font as well, since it fits the time period as well as having a police/detective feel(almost like a typewriter font like the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes movies).

    The only changes I would suggest are where you put the title, subtitle, and your name. As the second option is now, the title covers the image a bit. If I were to change it, it would look like this:

    "Phil Simpkin" at the top (over the image's hat)
    "Jack Ketch's Puppets" where "Phil Simpkin" currently is
    "The Borough Boys Book One" where it is.

    As for the font color, I'd prefer it all to be red, as red seems to signify violence and "thriller" themes.

    Sorry for the long comment, but I hope some of it is helpful to you as you continue to polish your cover. Good luck!

  2. Hi Laura;

    Thanks for the feedback. I am having a real mental battle with this. Just when I thought I had it sorted, I get some constructive criticism from people who give me doubt! I thought this was the easier bit!

  3. Hi Phil, I'm in agreement with Laura. The only point I'd add is keep the font for your title 'Jack Ketch's Puppets' in bold caps as in the first cover shown here. The red on the second cover is also a brighter looking shade and works better for catching the eye than the darker shade on the first cover!
    Good Luck.

  4. Hi Teagan;

    Many thanks for the feedback. Getting lots of positives for red font and bold font, interesting, as 'experts' feel it's a cliche!


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