Friday, 5 April 2013

Who would want to read 'Jack Ketch's Puppets' and why?

Hey guys;

I am starting to appreciate, that as a novice author, with my first books only just out in the market place, trying to identify to a reader, why, they might want to read YOUR book, is in need of a lot of extra publicity and marketing effort.

A novel - seems so straight-forward - we all love a novel, especially a crime, and a murder mystery to boot! But, there are thousands on sale.

So why should 'Jack Ketch's puppets' appeal to some readers more than others? 

And who might want to read it, or for that matter, any of the impending 'Borough Boys' series?

This series should be of interest to not just readers of Fiction, Crime and Mysteries.

I have deliberately included large amounts of information about the history of the Borough of Leicester, from before 1850; through 1850, and will go on to later in the Victorian era.

This includes social, economic and political change, as well as the evolution of Policing.

But it is all entwined with a fast moving and intriguing, murder, who-dunnit?

I am getting great responses from Local Historians, Genealogists, and Social Historians. This alone gives me hope that I am crossing borders from Fiction into reference.

Fact can be fun, even more so, when woven into Fiction.

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Was Shakespeare wrong? How many of his works are a mix of both?

'The Bard of Enderby'

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