Monday, 29 April 2013

What sort of a writer am I?

Hey guys;

I have been dipping my toes in various discussion groups and writers' workshops recently.

Some are brilliant and supportive, whereas some are a little 'elite' and brimming with what I call 'book snobs'.

The fact that I identify 'book snobs' is a clue to where I come from.

I am a guy who likes to pick up a book, whether it's just in time for a two week relax in the sun,( in which case I will be looking for 3 or 4) or a long lazy weekend (1 or 2).

What sort of books do I like to read? 

They have to be fun. They have to be a good story. They have to entertain me. I like sewn in wit and astute perspectives of real life.

James McGee; Ben Elton; Sebastian Faulkes; Ian Banks...all names I admire and who write books I like to read.

What sort of books do I write?

I hope they are books that I would pick up to read and based on my own criteria. For Fiction particularly.

For reference? 

Well researched and presented in a manner where they really help the reader!

I hope that I can deliver what I purport to offer.

I was over the moon last night when I realised that in just five weeks, over 1,000 of my books have been purchased and are being read (or have been relegated to posh coasters - if they were not well received!).

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