Sunday, 21 April 2013

Readers choice - possible cover and blub changes - Jack Ketch's Puppets

Hey guys;

I told you last week I had some feedback re cover image and blurb. Well I have been giving it some thought, and have come up with the two alternatives below.

I would like your feedback, if possible as comments, with why you prefer, e.g. stronger, more impactive, clearer, gets more attention, etc...

I have placed the two alternatives below;-

Top image is the current cover, bottom the possible alternative...

Current blurb...

'What have a corrupt detective, an incompetent undertaker, a minor Borough official, staff of a local workhouse and a small group of local Irish businessmen in common? This is the challenge facing rookie Constable Samson Shepherd and his experienced mentor, Constable John Beddows.

From the discovery of a body of a young child in a local river, and alarming tale of murder, child exploitation and corruption is exposed.

Starting off in Victorial Leicester of 1850, an emerging Industrial town, set against the abject proverty that created a breeding ground for a life of crime, this is the first of a series of novels featuring Samson Shepherd, John beddows and their colleagues in 'The Borough Boys'

Proposed revised blurb...

‘Perhaps there has been a little - Jiggery Pokery?’

This was the first thought that crossed the mind of experienced Constable John Beddows, when he and his rookie, Constable Samson Shepherd, first set eyes on the body of a young boy in the local river.

Had the Constables known then, that this was to be only a mere glimpse of what they and their colleagues would shortly have to face up to, they may have thought again, and shuddered!

Rumour; folklore; legend; what place in these events? Flesh and blood was more likely to be the key to this one, in every sense!

This is 1850 in Leicester, England, where the rich are getting richer and the poor are to all intent and purpose, disposable!

Do Shepherd and his mentor Beddows, together with their colleagues ‘The Borough Boys’, have the skills and resolve to cut out the heart of this depravity?

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